Custom Work

If you think of a fibre channel setup that you don't see available, but would like, please send me an e-mail. Examples of this are wiring a Tcard directly into a powered enclosure to set up an external storage unit. This does not have to be just one drive, it can 2, 3... 8 (look in the Arrays section for that). You might want 4 drives in a SCSI case, for a server or display unit at a local store. Maybe you have specialized hard drive trays, and would like a Tcard system that matches up to it! We have done that before! We also have a variety of power supplies that can used to make a custom enclosure, and cases that have removable hard drive trays. If you have an idea, we can send you a quote. If you like it, you will have a one of a kind product a few days later. Examples will be posted below.

(added 1/23/02)

Lizardo is planning to build an 8-drive JBOD and connect to it with a Qlogic SANBLADE 2100F. 2 BP-4D's were set up with headers on the in/out ports for each drives. The drives can be conected in any configuration on both ports. Just a few tests to show everything works properly before shipping...

Testing with 8 9.1G 7200rpm drives suggests that he will be getting some nice I/O with this setup!

(added 12/13/01)

This is an Interphase 5526 32-bit Fibre Channel HBA that was originally bought with a SC-SC fibre optic interface. After making sure that the soldering iron was well-grounded, the gbic was removed from the HBA. The data pins on the GBIC were identified, and header pins were installed on the board. This is now one of the first completely internal fibre channel setups! The need for a second GBIC or MIA and fibre optic cable was eliminated! It's still nice to use fibre when your storage devices are a long distance away.


This is a 2-drive controller with optical input. This was built for Diego, who is building an ultra-high speed T-bird system, with 2 18G IBM 10krpm drives. As you can see, it will play nice with his Qlogic 2100F. More pics below....

Stay tuned for more custom action!